Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Small Businesses

Is SEM The Way Go? Or Are You Better Off With SEO?

Research Shows People Still Like Free Search

Forrester Research once again finds, in an Annual Report, that Internet searchers find websites via natural organic search 54% of the time, during calendar year 2012. This is a 4% increase from the 50% reported in 2011. Also, and very significantly, Social Network rank number two as the pathway for search, with 32% using the social scene in 2012. This is an increase from 25% usage in 2011 and a big jump from 2010 when the percentage was 18% for searches via social networks.

This information was reported in a Search Engine Land article.

So, where does that leave SEM still Paid Search. Well, that makes the pay per click market preference less at about 14%. That means businesses are spending a lot of money for relatively low return on investment. Unless the site owner or website manager is very skilled they will need to pay a premium by hiring a professional PPC manager.

Use SEO To Gain An Advantage In Search

Knowing that people prefer organic search gives a clear indication of how to best spend Internet marketing dollars for ad campaigns. The best approach is to optimize your website for the organic search. Get as many Page One rankings on Google and push your competition aside.

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Here’s A Video About SEM

In this video, learn how working with an search engine marketing (SEM) specialist can help you minimize costs and maximize conversions by creating effective ads and landing pages that bring the quality clicks you need. Click here for more information: