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Share of Visits For Search Engines

Which Search Engines Are Getting More Traffic?

Organic search engine traffic monthly percentages

This article discusses the shares of visits which are indicated by the % of traffic (overall) as social referral traffic along with the direct traffic from clicks – organic traffic, PPC (paid) traffic, that sites get from all sources.

Review Of The Organic Traffic From Search For May 2014

This study reviews the five popular search engines in the U.S. (Bing, Yahoo, Google,AOL and and takes a look at the amount of search traffic they are sending. The hard facts are about as expected, but there are some interesting points.

  • One third of all websites’ visits are from traffic directly from search
  • Google comprises 31+% share of traffic, making it the number one shareholder
  • Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and each had less that 1% of the traffic visits that websites received in the month of May
  • Google outstrips Bing, Yahoo,, and AOL – combined, by seventeen times (17X) for the number of visitors sent to websites
    • Organic search engine traffic from top five US search engines

      Trends In Organic Search For May 2014

      However, Google has shown a decrease in its share of visitors of the past several months. Also, search engines in general have shown a decreased percentage in the amount of overall traffic in the month of May, compared to six months previously, in the month of December. Note: Information and statistics compliments of Shareaholic.

      The chart below shows the trend for search engines excluding Google . . .

      Organic search engine traffic for US excluding Google

      Organic Search Traffic Trends continued May 2014

      Social media has made big strides in significance in search with the primary search engines have decreased in value during the six month period. These Top Five search search engine lost seventeen percent share of the search, decreasing to 32% since December 2013.

      It’s obvious that Internet marketing is more diverse than a few years ago. Much of this has to do with the extreme nature of the Google penalties handed out the last few years. Many companies simply do not want to risk the problems in dealing with Google. Social media also has advantages of “newness” and fresh audience.

      Post-Click Engage Via Search Engines

      Because search engine optimization continues to be a major player in traffic creation for websites, the question is . . . what is a click from a search engine really worth? Is it worth the trouble of acquisition?

      By using three metrics: pages per visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate, it is possible to get an idea of search engine audience engagement.

      Post click engagement

      The information above shows average values for the last six months for respective categories.

      Two Primary Conclusions . . .

      Bing,, and Yahoo! had few site visits, but result in the most visitor engagement., Bing, and Yahoo! have almost no traffic but the traffic they receive tend to remain on the websites longer, look at more web pages during the a site visit, and are more likely to view more than one page.

      AOL and Google receive the lowest quality of website visits. Google receives the most site volume of traffic, but has some of the least engaged website visitors. Google site visitors have a 61.26% bounce rate. Google site visitors also view the fewest pages during a visit, looking at only 2.34 pages per visit. AOL has very poor statistics; it has the fewest site visitors, with the site visitors spending slightly over two minutes per session (129.07 seconds). Webmasters and SEO service providers do not optimize for AOL since it offers no benefits.