Search Engine Strategy

Quality SEO Search Engine Strategy Boosts Site Visibility

Search engine strategy for your website. How to get your website found in the search engines.  Is there a strategy for each search engine?  Is Google different from Bing?  Is Bing different from Yahoo!  Are there other search engines that really matter at all?

SEO begins with search engine strategy

What are the rules that search engines have for getting high rankings; are the reasonable maybe a bit too difficult?  The rules for each search engine are about the same.  They all want great content, which means they all expect well written text, nice images and informative copy, and more recently, video as well.  All of this is relatively attainable.  It is however, very time consuming.  Even the most simple website, consisting of nothing but text, takes a lot of time to just plain write.  Also, search engines want to see unique and original content.  Consider the fact that there are almost one billion active websites, it’s hard to image truly unique content.  There is always some degree of duplication with content that has already been created previously.

Can anybody get a high ranking site or is the game fixed for sites with lots of financial backing?  The answer to that is relatively simple. It depends!  If you have a website in a local market, say a community of 100,000, to 200,000 people, you have a very good chance of attaining a high ranking with a reasonably low investment.  So, what is a relatively low investment?  If you expect to do all the work to rank your site at the top of Google listings, which are considered the most difficult, be prepared to spend at least few hundred dollars per month for hosting, software, subscriptions, and images. Check the video below to find out more about SEO strategy.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Video

The real cost will be the amount of time necessary to do all the work.  Do you have about 40 to 80 hours per month to spend working on your website?  This is not just building a site, we’re talking getting the search engines to like your site.  This is called Search Engine Optimization and it is not for amateurs.  If you’ve never done it, you’ll need all that time, at least for the first several months, just to learn the ropes. Search engine optimization or SEO, has a steep learning curve.

Links to Sites Using SEO Techniques

The links here utilize the techniques discussed here to improve their website visibility in specific market niches. Remember, SEO is not just ranking any longer. The goal is to get your business as much exposure to as many users as possible, increasing user experience on your site and other sites that have your information. Notice that these sites are considered either Social Media or Web 2.0 blog style websites.