Czech / Diskuse Johna Muellera s českými webmastery

The Czech SEO / webmaster community is invited to join us in a public hangout with John Mueller about Google and SEO. This hangout will be part of SEOloger and Google Webmasters series.

Time: 24. November at 14:00 local time (Czech republic)

For more information, and to add your questions:

This session is open to all Czech webmasters & SEOs. This is a Hangout on YouTube Live. To join live, watch out for the link once the event starts, and use a webcam + headset. You can find out more about Hangouts and how to participate at

How Are Search Engines So Fast?

Google can find something for you on the other side of the world in less than a second. Why does your personal computer take so much longer?

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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How Google searches 30 trillion web pages, 100 billion times a month

How Google Search Really Works

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14 Best Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools for businesses and web professionals

14 Best Free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools

A 20 odd minute video of best free SEO Tools for search engine optimization for business owners and web professionals with a quick overview how I use each one.

Here are the quick links to each tool

02:00 – toolbar.
04:08 – Screaming Frog
06:32 – Integrity
08:42 – Test Page Title and Meta Description
09:38 – Yoast
11:03 – Solid Meta Tags
12:08 – Google Analytics
14:14 – Seo-Hero
16:44 – Site Score Checker
18:28 – Moz Local
19:58 – Whitespark Review Link Generator
21:37 – Page Speed Insights
23:18 – Drop My Link
24:14 – Serps Redux

1. toolbar.

Look at your domain rating and look at your organic traffic.

You should also be able to do a quick competitive analysis by comparing the domain rating and backlinks.

If you register, for free, you get a couple of searches a day plus you can install their toolbar on Chrome or Firefox

2. Screaming Frog
I use Screaming Frog to find out the number of pages a website has, the page word count, page title and meta descriptions.

3. Integrity
I use Integrity to check broken links on a website and fix them.

4. Test Page Title and Meta Description

Google Meta Title & Description Length Preview Tool

I have started to use this tool to how a before and after page title and description in my presentations.

If you have WordPress, you have Yoast.

5. On Page Optimisation For WordPress – Yoast.

Page Title
Word Count
Even helps with my grammar

6. On Page Optimisation for Business Catalyst – Solid Meta Tags

For those who use Muse and Business Catalyst, this is the closest free app to the Yoast Plugin.

7. Google Analytics – pages between position 1 and 20 with no clicks
This is a nice little tactic I use with Google Analytics to identify pages that are ranked in the top 20 and not getting any traffic.

8. For semantic content

When I have identified a page that’s ranking and not getting traffic, I need to do 1 of 2 times.

A. Improve the page content
B. Get backlinks

I’ve started using SEO Hero; this helps me learn the words and content that are appearing on the first 100 pages.

9. Site scoring

This free tools give a site score of all key metrics

10. Check Local Citations

Nice free tool to help local businesses to check local listings. You’ll see what citations you have and what ones you need to add or improve.

11. Boost Google Reviews

Google Review Link Generator

Reviews are a ranking factor.

So let’s say people use your business and you’re not in the top local results.

Send a email out to those customers with your local review page link and ask them to review you.

Do not overdo this one and I recommend you only send to those with a gmail or google address otherwise you’ll get a load of people asking how to sign up to google

12. Page Speed Insights

Sort out page speed issues; a very small ranking factor

For my next 2 tactics, you ned to change your Chrome browser settings

Google – Settings – Search Settings – Turn Off Safe Search – display 100 results

13. Drop My Link

Let’s say I want to find potential backlink resources for my travel insurance client.

I could use a tool like this to identify ‘resource pages”

Now because I set my browser to show 100 results and I quickly collect these urls to start my link building campaign efforts

14. SERPS – Redux
With SERPS Redux, I add to my toolbar and I can scrap these 100 urls.