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09) Wolfram
08) DuckDuck

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private search engine : search engines that don’t track you

If you want to know the best search engines that don’t collect or store your information, then this video is for you. In this day and age privacy is important, the major search engines out there all collect and track your location, the search queries you make and set cookies on your computer so they can follow you around on the internet and send your personalize ads.

That’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that they send you personalize results base on your information or previous search history. The search engine companies will argue and say it’s for faster search or better results that are more relevant to you, but the truth is they want to send you personalize ads and make money.


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Search engines:
6 – gibiru

5 -oscobo

4 – hulbee

3 – metager

2 – startpage

1 – duckgogo


Top ten Google search tips and tricks

Plumbing SEO

Plumbing SEO
How To Market Your Plumbing Business

SEO for plumbing businesses is becoming more important. The plumbing industry is now taking advantage of website marketing in a big way and search engine rankings are critical.

Many plumbing business owners offer a wide variety of services like faucet repair, water main installation, sink, shower and bathtub installation, water repiping, hydro jetting, hose bib repair, kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Plumbing Vancouver WA at Henco Plumbing Services, LLC is a full service plumbing business with several licensed plumbers. They are also one of the forward looking companies that are now using the Internet to promote their business using the techniques and strategies listed below. Another company that employs excellent SEO marketing is the McCary and Daughters website in Decatur GA.

The video below from Josh Nelson at discusses search engine optimization for plumbing companies.

Thanks for joining me

0:04on today’s webinar will be talking about
0:06internet marketing and SEO techniques
0:08for more effectively marketing your
0:10plumbing and hvac business online it’s
0:13gonna hang on for a few minutes and let
0:14a couple additional people join the call
0:17anybody while you’re on the line if you
0:25have any questions
0:26there’s a form right on the bottom here
0:28where you can enter you know
0:30enter your questions and I’ll try my
0:32best to get to you guys if and when the
0:35opportunity presents itself what I want
0:39to thank you guys for joining us on
0:40today’s webinar we’re going to be
0:42talking about internet marketing and SEO
0:43techniques for more effectively
0:45marketing or your plumbing HVAC business
0:48my name is josh nelson on the co-founder
0:51of plumber SEO or associate members of
0:53the PHCC and I was actually just this
0:56past weekend in florida for the FL PHCC
1:01in Florida plumbing and heating plumbing
1:05association meeting have the opportunity
1:07to share some of the same information at
1:09that event the feedback that I got was
1:11pretty strong really enjoyed that they
1:13really like the information they really
1:14felt like they can implement that in
1:17their business
1:18I was encouraged to create a webinar
1:20like this just to share it
1:21American more accessible to the other
1:23plumbing and heating contractors
1:24throughout the united states that could
1:26benefit from the same information so
1:28thanks for joining me i really think
1:31you’re gonna get a lot of good
1:32information about this i think you’re
1:35going to enjoy it again my name is josh
1:37i live in South for i live in Miami with
1:40my wife is Sandhya run the company
1:42plumber SEO can we specialize in working
1:44with plumbing and hvac contractors
1:46helping them really grow their business
1:48and increase their sales by more
1:50effectively marketing online there on
1:52the right of your screen you’ll see our
1:55it’s you know that we’ve got a little
1:56bit larger team than that now but it’s
1:58me dean IDC door and wayne and we really
2:02burn the midnight oil trying to come up
2:03with new ideas and techniques and
2:05strategies to walk to help your clients
2:08get to the top of search engines and
2:11so here’s what we’re gonna be covering
2:12on today’s webinar I’m gonna start off
2:14by talking about why search engines
2:16internet marketing is so important for
2:18plumbing and hvac contractors from there
2:22I’m going to come to mystify what’s
2:25happening on the search engines you know
2:27there’s a lot of things that come up on
2:29the screen when you type in your city
2:31plus plumbing or you’re shooting plus
2:32plumbing contractor I’m gonna talk kind
2:34of talk about what those different areas
2:36or the map listings the sponsored
2:39listings and the organic non
2:40pay-per-click section of the search
2:42engine from there I’m going to dive into
2:44probably one of the most commonly asked
2:46questions that I get from from plumbing
2:48and hvac contractors throughout the
2:50United States which is how do we get my
2:52plumbing or expect business listed on
2:53the map when someone types in my city
2:55plus my service and there’s a lot of you
2:58know a lot of meat to that portion of
3:00the presentation going to go in depth
3:02with some of the research that we’ve
3:04spent hours digging up and testing i’m
3:07going to be sharing that on the call i’m
3:09going to talk about how you can improve
3:10your placement in the organic section of
3:12the search engines which is
3:14traditionally referred to as SEO you
3:16know what keywords you want to make sure
3:18you optimize your website for how you
3:20can build out your your site so that
3:22Google and Yahoo and Bing understand
3:24what you do and place you in the surgeon
3:25for the right keywords and then some
3:28strategies on how you can get the rank
3:30better in your market course we’re gonna
3:32share as part of that the 25 most
3:34commonly searched plumbing and AC repair
3:37related keywords which is valuable
3:41because you’re going to need to know
3:41what people are searching with velocity
3:44so that you can really make sure you’re
3:46optimizing your website for the things
3:48that people are actually searching for
3:49from there i’ll talk about the most
3:52important online directories that you
3:54want to make sure you’re involved in it
3:56used to be you could just get a large ad
3:58in the yellow pages and a big truck and
4:00with a nice wrap on it and you pretty
4:02much show up when people were looking
4:03for what you did
4:05well now instead of looking at one place
4:07through online they’re looking on google
4:09they get looking at yahoo they’re
4:10looking on being there looking on
4:12angie’s list and i’ll talk about the
4:14main ones to make sure you’re listed in
4:16so you still have that same impact as if
4:18you had you know the big yellow page and
4:21show up everywhere people were looking
4:22for you
4:24I’ll talk about social media a lot of
4:26the the plumbing contractors and
4:28contractors i talked with they know
4:30Facebook’s important they know it’s
4:32growing exponentially but most of them
4:34are seeing I don’t understand how this
4:36applies to my business I don’t get how I
4:38can leverage facebook twitter how that’s
4:40possibly going to help me with my
4:41business it seems like a waste time you
4:44waste energy i’m going to talk
4:45specifically about how you can leverage
4:47social media in a way that’s going to
4:49help you grow your business so that’s
4:51what you can expect on the webinar gonna
4:54try and make it as interactive as
4:55possible so in a while I’m sitting in my
4:58office here in doral and you happen to
5:00be sitting wherever you are
5:02throughout the United States i do want
5:04to stop and answer your questions so
5:06then the questions box is just below you
5:09on your screen and type in your question
5:12and as i see it i’ll try and make sure
5:14that i take a couple minutes to address
5:15your question if not you can assure you
5:18rest assured that will get back to you
5:19after the webinar and fill you in with
5:22the information so our team my business
5:26partner and i wrote the complete guide
5:28to internet marketing for plumbing in
5:29and actually for plumbing contractors
5:32and it’s available on and all
5:36the strategies and techniques that we’ve
5:38written in that book and sharing
5:40actually on this webinar are proven
5:43their proven by us having implemented
5:45these for plumbing contractors and
5:47competitive markets around the United
5:49States i just want to show you a couple
5:51of examples here’s a search for Fort
5:53Lauderdale plumber area of competitive
5:56market the United States you’ll see
5:58swate there is our client he’s in the
6:01top position in fort lauderdale for for
6:03larger plumber atlanta georgia you know
6:07spot a on the map in his market rancho
6:11cucamonga spot on the map for hitched
6:13santa monica plumber client in santa
6:17monica spot on the math our client Miami
6:20South Florida actually happens to have
6:22three spots on page 14 his most
6:26important keyword Miami plumber mine
6:28commercial plumber so I don’t say that
6:30to brag I don’t say that the shade halo
6:32combat we are
6:34I really just want you to know that the
6:37strategies that we use to get those
6:40clients top position in their
6:42competitive markets throughout the
6:43united states are the same strategies
6:46i’m going to be sharing on this webinar
6:47so you can you know you can really rest
6:49assured that this isn’t me you know kind
6:52of regurgitating some information that i
6:53read somewhere in a book
6:55this is based on hours of research and
6:58you know even more hours of actually
7:00implementing this for plumbing
7:02contractors in hvac contractors
7:04throughout the United States and that’s
7:06exactly what we’re going to be sharing
7:07in this webinar so you know if I was you
7:10I would you know go somewhere we can
7:13shut the door and really pay attention
7:15and concentrate on this information
7:16because if you’d think the ideas and you
7:19implement them you can see a significant
7:21increase in not only in placement of the
7:23search engines but in your business both
7:25from new business and repeat referral
7:28business by leveraging the exact
7:30strategy is going to be sharing here
7:32over the next 45 minutes tissue from
7:37what we refer to as offline marketing to
7:41online marketing it used to be like I
7:44was talking about a couple minutes ago
7:45it used to be that you could buy a
7:48full-page ad in the yellow pages and
7:50dressed pretty confidently knowing that
7:53when your customer needed your services
7:55they would pick up the yellow book and
7:57they would find you at least be
7:59top-of-mind you be able to show up when
8:01they were looking for what you did the
8:03transition though is that people are
8:05going to the yellow pages in the same
8:07velocity that they used to
8:09they’re not going to that yellow book
8:10and I’ll bring it up and you know
8:11thumbing through they’re going someplace
8:14different and so it it kind of begs the
8:16question where are people going when
8:18they need plumbing and hvac related
8:22services and the answer is for the most
8:25part they’re going to the internet you
8:28know what are the latest studies showed
8:30that more than a test of a survey of
8:33more than 2,000 consumers found that
8:36over eighty-six percent of them are
8:38using the internet when they need to
8:40find local business so the answer is
8:42they’re not really going to the yellow
8:44pages as much as they used to
8:45still something to be said for having an
8:47ad in the yellow pages but for the
8:49most part people when they need your
8:52types of services are going to the web
8:54and there’s over 20 million searches
8:57every single month for plumbing and hvac
8:59related terms we got that data by
9:01looking at the historic search trends on
9:04google and yahoo and bing and you know
9:07that’s what we came up with this
9:08information just looking at historic
9:10search trends so just to give you an
9:13example of how this plays out in the
9:14real world and why it’s so important you
9:17know one of the clients we work with
9:18down in the South Florida in the tampa
9:21area was a big-time advertisement yellow
9:25pages and you know he still has a big
9:27player in his market and notice that he
9:31wasn’t getting as many calls as he once
9:32did from the all pages and so we decided
9:35you need to get involved in the internet
9:37and relatively early on he decided to
9:39set up a website and he would done you
9:42know put a shingle out online so when
9:44someone types in his company and
9:46hopefully they won’t find any have some
9:48good information available
9:49well he got his website up and you
9:51didn’t really know exactly how to do it
9:53he basically had a web-development
9:54company build a website and that was
9:57about that so he came to us and said hey
10:00you know guys put together a web web
10:02presence in solutions for me to your
10:05optimization thinking social media thing
10:07and let’s see what we can do one line
10:10and this client and his first month we
10:12do put a tracking club number of clients
10:14website so we can see you know how
10:17things are going and what the increase
10:18is not just from the placement
10:20perspective but at the end of the day
10:22more importantly from optimization
10:24perspective and from my inbound call
10:26perspective and his first month on the
10:29tracking we saw 11-pound calls that gave
10:32us a baseline as to where you started
10:34how many calls he was getting from the
10:35web in the first place then by the third
10:39month making us some time to you know
10:42update his website get some placement of
10:44the search engine that’s not necessarily
10:46page one but some solid placement for a
10:48variety of his words going into the
10:51third month he had 57 inbound calls via
10:53the web now nine months in after really
10:58getting placed on page one of the top
10:59couple of listings for a number of
11:01keywords I months in from
11:03seven calls month one he had heard 2925
11:06inbound call directly via the web in his
11:09ninth month and now on an ongoing basis
11:11he averages somewhere between 120 and
11:14240 calls directly via the internet
11:16every single month and so all of that’s
11:19just the in the key internet marketing
11:22will not just gonna be something fun or
11:24give you a better position but it will
11:26drive more inbound calls for your
11:29business so that’s why search engine
11:32optimization and marketing is so
11:33important for your plumbing business
11:35I just want to stop there because this
11:37is you know kind of segment one of the
11:39other presentation and see you know what
11:42questions you have on that what
11:44questions you have on the importance of
11:45the search engines so I’m just gonna
11:49take a look here
11:52alright so the question of getting is
11:57how do you know how many calls on the
12:01way we know how many calls is we put a
12:03web you know a unique number that’s
12:05unique to that customer on their website
12:07and it rings their office just like it
12:10always does but it gives you the ability
12:13to see how many calls are coming to that
12:15number and that number is listed only
12:17one place and that is the website and so
12:19that’s how we were able to engage in
12:20this case just for this example you know
12:22how we went from 11 calls 225 calls in a
12:25you know in less than one year period
12:27okay I’m gonna move one so now let’s
12:30demystify what’s happening on the search
12:33engine so somebody types in you know
12:35your city plus plumber your city plus
12:39plumbing contractor your city plus your
12:42water heater repair there’s a lot of
12:43different things happening on the search
12:46I just want to break this down is so
12:47some people realize that some people
12:49don’t and it’s important to understand
12:51the different elements so that you can
12:53have a strategy for each so up along the
12:57top along the sides you have what’s
12:59called pay-per-click listings on those
13:02you know you pay for
13:04I’m going to talk a little bit more
13:05depth about that in the area below you
13:08know this area here with their got
13:09abcdefg that’s called the map listings
13:13and then of course below that you’ve got
13:15what’s called the organic listings so
13:18let’s talk a little bit about
13:18pay-per-click the way the pay-per-click
13:21area works is and that’s one of the top
13:23along the sides advertising space you’re
13:27able to pick the keywords that you want
13:29to rank for bid on them always USA i’ll
13:33pay a certain amount per click in my
13:36market and then that’s how you’re able
13:39to show up in the painter in search
13:41engines there are some benefits to you
13:44know to this form of advertising in that
13:47you can pick a word like plumber
13:49plumbing water heater repair and even
13:52though the person didn’t typing your
13:54city for his then I’ve been Miami then
13:56type in santa monica they just happened
13:58to type in you know your city or they
14:01just typed in plumber
14:03well based on the IP address you know
14:05meaning you know where they type that
14:07search from google and say okay well a
14:08person searching from santa monica you
14:11could say okay well anybody within a
14:1225-mile radius of my area that types of
14:14the word plumber plumbing plumbing
14:16contractor emergency plumber in a burst
14:18pipe repiping i want to show up for that
14:21word so that’s how you’re able to show
14:23up the way that you determine your
14:24placement weather in position one or two
14:27or three you’re going down here like
14:28number seven is it’s a bidding system
14:32kinda like ebay so if you decided you
14:34wanted a bit on the word santa monica
14:36plumber and you said hey I’ll pay seven
14:38dollars per click that might put you
14:40right here because that’s just in this
14:43is just example numbers let’s say that
14:44this guy in the top spot said upping $22
14:47click and then the second spot said I’ll
14:49pay $21 click in this guy set of 18 and
14:52he said I’ll pay 17 so it’s a you pay on
14:55a cost-per-click basis and it’s on a
15:01building option type of system it’s more
15:06complicated than that there are a lot of
15:07additional variables such as quality
15:09score and other things that go into what
15:12your actual cost is so you know there
15:14are cases were unaffected pay-per-click
15:17campaign you know you could be the top
15:19spot and eight dollars were you know
15:21this guy in the second spot could be
15:22paying $13 because there’s other
15:25components but I just want you to
15:27the idea you pay on a frequent basis you
15:29can send whatever budget you want you
15:31might say hey I i want to try this out i
15:34will pay you know i’ll put in there a
15:38hundred bucks a month or a hundred i’ll
15:40put in there a hundred bucks and a don’t
15:42spend more than hundred bucks a day but
15:43i’ll spend a hundred bucks a day and
15:45then ask people click on you
15:47depending upon whether it’s a $13 click
15:50or two dollar club or seven dollar click
15:52your budget spends outs and a hundred
15:54dollars and then you come off the search
15:55engines on so that’s the pay-per-click
15:58section the next section is what we call
16:01the map listings and this used to be
16:04called google places now it’s actually
16:06referred to as Google+ local google
16:08recently changed this entire part of the
16:11search engine
16:12we’re now it’s pulling information from
16:14Google+ or social media program and you
16:18know the main thing I want you to get
16:19from this organic section is map section
16:22is you can’t buy your way into the map
16:26there’s no you know there’s no
16:27advertising mechanism where you can say
16:29hey i’ll spend two thousand dollars per
16:31month if you put me in spot on the map
16:33it’s not it doesn’t work that way google
16:36places people on the map based on a
16:38variety of a variety of factors but
16:42really it’s a function of you know where
16:44are you located how many reviews do you
16:47have a legitimate of a player this
16:50google think you are based on your
16:53credibility in the market place based on
16:56online factors you can’t buy the place
16:58and there’s some certain things that
17:00Google looks in order to place that but
17:02what they want to do is place the best
17:04companies in those spots a through g on
17:07page one so their consumer when they
17:10want to search type of search for santa
17:12monica plumber and they come across guys
17:14that are quality providers they can come
17:17on into a good job so that the next time
17:19they need to find a local business
17:20we’re gonna go we’re gonna go back to
17:22google and as long as Google’s creating
17:25good experience for its customers they
17:27keep using the engine they keep making
17:29billions of dollars on the pay-per-click
17:31listings now moving on to the to the map
17:37I mean to the organic listings again you
17:40can’t buy your way into the organic
17:41listings the organic listings are based
17:45on the content on your website
17:47you know what you know what google
17:48perceives as your authority for that
17:50page and that specific content of your
17:52website but you can’t buy your way into
17:56these listings so again just to
17:58reiterate and what I want to focus on is
18:00there’s three main components of the
18:02search engines there’s pay per click the
18:04map the organic you paper you know you
18:07pay as advertising to get into the organ
18:10of the PPC listings you have to have our
18:13true location and some other factors
18:15that establishes an organization to get
18:18on the map and then you have to have a
18:19good website with quality content
18:21inbound links to get into the organic
18:23section the search engines i’m going to
18:25go into specific depth on each three of
18:27these I just want you to get the idea
18:29that those are three different sections
18:31that you have to have three completely
18:33different strategies for any questions
18:38on that on the differences between the
18:39the map and the organic and the
18:43pay-per-click ok alright so one of the
18:52most common things that we hear once you
18:54know once we get through this portion of
18:56the presentation is okay well then that
18:58being the case what what should i do
19:01what should I focus my energy I trying
19:03it on the maps are trying at the organic
19:04section should i just want to pay per
19:06click campaign on and I like to answer
19:08that with with data so you know there
19:13are some studies conducted to see what
19:15people looked at when they searched so
19:17when someone types in your city plus
19:19plumbers and plumbing or do they look
19:21they look at the organic section or do
19:24they look at the at the pay-per-click
19:25listings and for the most part more than
19:29seventy two percent of the population
19:30when they run a search their eyes go
19:33straight to the organic section straight
19:35to the map and you know organic listings
19:38and kind of skip right past the
19:40pay-per-click listings and the reason
19:43for that is a lot of people now realize
19:46that those are advertising it’s almost
19:48like when you reduce when you read the
19:50newspaper and magazine you are you
19:53the articles that are good they have
19:54good content what do you want to read
19:56the app now you can skip past the ad you
19:58might see the image but you’re gonna go
20:00in and had read what you consider to be
20:02the actual content and so that’s why
20:04majority of the population look at after
20:07organic listings and this image on the
20:09right is to heat map that you know they
20:11used goggles that measure where the eye
20:15looks and where they spend most of their
20:16time when they get to a page and the the
20:19heat not really indicates that the
20:20majority of the population when they
20:22searched are looking right at the map
20:24the organic section most of the time so
20:28that being the case you probably want to
20:29focus your time your energy and your
20:32financial resources on the area where
20:34people spend most of their time which is
20:36the organic and non pay-per-click
20:38sections on the search engine that’s not
20:40to see you don’t want to have s
20:42pay-per-click as a component of your
20:44strategy because it gives you another
20:46place holder for what you do in your
20:48area but if you get limited resources
20:50and you need to say okay where can I
20:52spend my time and my energy most
20:54effectively definitely focusing on the
20:56organic and map listings is is the way
20:59to go so let’s talk about some specific
21:04strategies for getting your plumbing
21:06HVAC business listed on the google map
21:08and again this is one of the most common
21:10questions that i received from plumbing
21:12and hvac contractors all throughout the
21:14United States what I need to do how do i
21:16make sure i show up on that map when
21:19someone types in my city plus plumber my
21:21city plus plumbing etc and they’re there
21:24are really three core components for
21:26getting listed on the map
21:28the first one is having a claim and
21:32optimized google places listing and and
21:35you know that’s a function of going to / places and you can tangibly
21:40claim or stake your claim on your
21:43business listing once you do that you
21:45have the ability to upload photos upload
21:47videos a description of your company
21:50choose categories which serve set your
21:53service area the real area that you
21:55service i’m going to talk about how to
21:57claim your google places listing a
21:59second the second critical component is
22:03consistent name address and phone number
22:05profile across the web so in the
22:09industry legal for from an SEO
22:10perspective is your nap name address
22:13phone number and really what that is is
22:17making it so that when Google tries to
22:19look up your company on and it starts at
22:22google places because you’re in google
22:23places you’ve got a name and an address
22:25and a phone number listed there but it
22:27wants to see ok where else is this
22:29company listed how credible is this
22:30organization and if you are referenced
22:33with that same information on yellow
22:35pages and hotfrog angie’s list and judys
22:38book and magic yellow
22:42google will place a higher level
22:44authority on your listing and that
22:46significantly improves the probability
22:48showing up on the map we’re going to
22:50talk more depth about napped name
22:52address phone number but that’s the
22:53second critical component having that
22:54consistent information about your
22:56company across the web
22:58the third critical component is reviews
23:02having authentic reviews from your true
23:04customers in your true service area on
23:07google places listing and other online
23:10review sites like citysearch and and Angie’s List the other kind
23:17of important element in getting ranked
23:19on the map especially as it raced
23:21relates to plumbing and HVAC companies
23:23is helping google understand your true
23:26service area now it’s different for a
23:31home services company like plumbing HVAC
23:33that it is for a dentist or a retail
23:36store so dentist has physical office or
23:41customers come in when they need to have
23:43dental work done so having a google
23:45places listing highly you know anchored
23:48at that address google knows
23:50ok people probably going to come to that
23:52dental office within five to seven mile
23:55radius and that’s about as far as
23:56they’re going to come and kind of
23:58irrelevant as to what their service area
24:00is because it’s based on location
24:02location location location
24:04now home services businesses like yours
24:07it’s a little different because who
24:10cares where you’re located or where your
24:12or your addresses what’s really
24:16is where your customers are and how for
24:18you and your technicians are willing to
24:19travel in order to serve your client
24:22so Google is trying to figure out the
24:25way to measure this because trying to
24:28please people on the map based on where
24:30their addresses isn’t the best criteria
24:33the better criteria is having a true
24:36representation of that service area and
24:38knowing where you and your txt go
24:41so there are some tools to help Google
24:43understand what your true service area
24:45is going to talk about those you know as
24:47we continue down this this google places
24:49optimization portion of the other
24:52webinar but three critical components
24:55for getting on the maps haven’t Wayne
24:56then optimize google places listing
24:58having consistent name address and phone
25:00number across the web and having true
25:03authentic reviews from your customers on
25:06your google places and other online
25:07directory listings so let’s talk about
25:11claiming your google places listing if
25:13you haven’t done this I want you to find
25:16dependent pad somewhere you know in in
25:18the vicinity of where you are and write
25:20down / places this is the
25:25place where you can claim your google
25:27places listing your google maps listing
25:30if you get anything else from this
25:33presentation but you write that URL down
25:35and you follow some of the steps of a
25:36lot to share with you you will you
25:42you’ll get a ton of value on this
25:43presentation so / places from
25:47there you have the ability to claim your
25:50google listing and add up the updated
25:52information so some things you want to
25:56do some best practices around your
25:58google places listing again you’re going
26:02to go to / places you’ll see
26:04an image you know set up similar to this
26:07you want to click on the get started
26:08button over on the right-hand corner as
26:11a business owner not as a consumer and
26:13then it will basically give you the
26:14opportunity to enter your phone number
26:16and we’ll search the database and say
26:18okay you know is this company already
26:21listed on Google Places yes or no if yes
26:24then it’s gonna show you okay
26:25is this your company at this address and
26:27then it’ll give you the process
26:29to update some of the information once
26:32that’s done it’s going to ask you know
26:35it’s gonna ask you to verify your
26:37listing and Alaska to verify either via
26:40phone or mail if you’ve got a new
26:43listing that hasn’t already existed in
26:45here it’s probably going to only give
26:46you the option for male and if it’s you
26:49know if that’s the case what you’re
26:50gonna do is you’re gonna arm you’re
26:54gonna type in you know request the
26:56postcard via email you receive in a in a
26:58few days via the the mail and your log
27:02back into your Google Places listing
27:03enter your PIN code and then you’ll have
27:05claimed the google places listing if it
27:08gives you the option to verify the phone
27:10ultimately click finish and you’ll
27:13receive a phone call almost
27:14instantaneously like the one that just
27:16interrupted me here and it will say this
27:19is google your PIN code is for 36 22 or
27:22whatever the number will be unique
27:23number write that down
27:25enter into google places and you’ll have
27:27claimed your google places listing now
27:30if you’ve already got a google places
27:31listing or once you complete that proper
27:33practice now i want to share some best
27:35practices on what you need to do within
27:38your Google Places listing to really put
27:40your best foot forward
27:41the first thing you want to do is you
27:43want to update to be your correct an
27:45authentic company name don’t have any
27:48keywords in the field where it asks for
27:51your company name so if your company is
27:53Jo Jo’s plumbing leave the company jose
27:57plumbing and that’s going to be the
27:59legal mean that you incorporate your
28:00business as some information out there
28:03or misinformation out there might
28:05indicate hey put itjust plumbing dash
28:06Miami plumber or just plugging dash your
28:10plumber in Miami so you get your
28:12keywords in there to be clever
28:14that’s against Google Places policies
28:16and procedures and it will hurt you
28:18actually you probably want to put the
28:20listing it gets penalized and all right
28:22so that’s on your Google Places wasn’t
28:24going there to erase it immediately and
28:26you might see a bump in placement second
28:28thing you want to do is you want to add
28:30your company’s website address and
28:32that’s obvious is the creative downelink
28:34makes it easier for customers to go out
28:36and find some additional information
28:37enter your phone number again it’s
28:43to use a local number not an 800 number
28:45but a local number so if you’re in miami
28:48use a 305 if you’re you know in Atlanta
28:51you use the 770 if you’re you know you
28:55get the idea to use your local number no
28:56800 numbers in google places listing we
28:59found that Google doesn’t like 800
29:02numbers and wants to serve local
29:03businesses and so 800 numbers a clear
29:05indication that you probably aren’t all
29:07that local so use the 800 up okay i just
29:12got a question here what about life if i
29:15have a brand 800 number and I prefer to
29:17use that why can’t i use it there’s two
29:20reasons the first reason is an 800
29:24number google google looking for local
29:27you know he’s looking for Google’s
29:28looking for local businesses an
29:30800-number flags the system to see
29:32you’re not local secondarily we find
29:36that conversion rate and on a local
29:39number from plumbing and hvac converse
29:42significantly better than 800 number so
29:44if we put to web pages side by side with
29:46the same information in a local market
29:49one an 800 number and one at a local
29:51number the local number one out
29:54convert that 800 number every day
29:57because people want to feel like they’re
29:59doing with a local company so always use
30:01a local number just from a conversion
30:03perspective but from a Google Places
30:05optimization we’re talking about the map
30:07here you have to do it if you want to
30:09rank on the map on that same token you
30:11need to use a local address so don’t use
30:15appeal box certainly don’t use a UPS
30:18Store peel box we found work at all if
30:21you type in 993 with your city &
30:24you’re not going to rank on the map
30:25google buzz and accept it now if it’s a
30:28home address you can get away with that
30:31i’m going to talk about some ideas on
30:33how to manage your home address if it’s
30:35a little if it’s a office at the real
30:37office or warehouse
30:39you’ve got no worries just make sure you
30:41reference in the same way on your google
30:43places as you do in other places
30:45worst-case scenario if you don’t have an
30:47office you don’t want to list your home
30:50go on and get a virtual office that has
30:53a unique suite number so some of the
30:56companies like Regis and other virtual
30:58offices out there will give you an
31:00office in this city that you want to be
31:02in the main city but they won’t give you
31:04any sweet numbers you’ll get a unique
31:05address but it’ll be sweet number 225
31:08and you’ll be sharing that with all of
31:10the other tenants of 325 that doesn’t
31:14google seasons is over there’s like ten
31:16businesses here you need something
31:17that’s going to be unique to your
31:19company if your listing a home address
31:23as your business
31:25that’s okay we’ve got clients that rank
31:27very well the map with a home business
31:29the only caveat to that is you need to
31:32hide your address in google places
31:33you’re going to need to reference that
31:35same address that name address phone
31:37number on all of the other online
31:38directory listings when we get to the
31:40nap you know development but there’s a
31:42setting inside google places where
31:45Google asks do do customers come to your
31:50place of business or do you service now
31:52and you want to select the button
31:53I service my customers at their home or
31:56at you know at their place of business
31:57then asks a follow-up question below
32:00that says do people come to your
32:05business should we hide your address or
32:07show your address if you’ve got a home
32:09address and you’re not going to be
32:11having customers to your home you need
32:13to click that button that says Hydra
32:15don’t be scared if you establish your
32:18name address phone number and you get
32:19legitimate reviews this won’t limit you
32:22from showing up on the map so that’s
32:25mine my piece on having a local address
32:27what to do with the home address versus
32:30a business inside Google Places you have
32:34the option to upload photos you want to
32:36upload as many photos as possible on it
32:39allows up to 10 you want to upload any
32:41photos and you want to use real
32:43authentic picture so it’s pretty easy to
32:46go on find some stock photography of the
32:48you know the cheesy guy with the wrench
32:51or like the smiling model with his
32:53plumbing shirt on and that’s fine and
32:55dandy but that stock photography doesn’t
32:58give your consumer any more of a picture
33:01of who they’re going to be dealing with
33:02and why they want
33:03choose you over the other hundreds of
33:05Plumbing Companies in your market so I
33:07mean be authentic get some pictures of
33:10yourself of your team
33:12I love shots where I you know where i
33:13can get the truck stacked up and a team
33:16of guys if it’s just a one-man shop if
33:18you’re a one-man company good picture
33:21yourself standing in front of your truck
33:22with the logo prominent behind it
33:24those types of photos resident much
33:26deeper than just a picture of stock
33:29photography my personal opinion now some
33:33tricks are some strategies on how to
33:34maximize this photo component of Google
33:37Places save your pictures on your
33:40desktop and then rename them so just
33:42name them picture one picture to picture
33:443 or picture in front of the truck
33:46picture you know in front of the
33:48building team picture
33:50go ahead and put your keywords into your
33:52photo so name your first picture your
33:56city plumber in your second picture your
33:59city plumbing company dash company name
34:01name the next one you’re City emergency
34:03plumbing contractor you get the idea is
34:05you want to get the keyboard that you
34:07want to rank for on the map into your
34:09photos before you upload them another
34:12tip that you can do is rather than just
34:14upload and right into Google Places go
34:16to and panoramio is a
34:20video-sharing website that’s owned by
34:23Google and gives you the ability to tag
34:27your photos and geotagging photos so
34:30take that same picture that you named as
34:32you’re sitting plumber uploaded to and then go in and set the
34:38Geo settings so that it’s map to your
34:40address so now Google sees your picture
34:42and it has an address associated with it
34:46and then upload it or copy the URL for
34:48that image to your google places listing
34:50for your 10 images and now you really
34:53maximize your opportunity for Google to
34:55know that you’re at this address these
34:58are your pictures
34:59this is where you’re located based on
35:00where your images are linked to and it
35:03just gives you some power to do it that
35:05don’t worry I’ve got a guy that would be
35:07giving you access to after this that
35:09really walk you step-by-step through
35:10this entire process setting up panoramio
35:13how to name your images are all that
35:15the next thing on your google account is
35:19you have the ability to upload videos
35:20trying to upload at least five videos
35:23and minimum of two and the reason is we
35:27found interesting that two videos for
35:29whatever reason it gives you a much
35:31better bang for your buck than just one
35:33video actually better to have zero
35:35videos and just want you want to have at
35:37least two videos and your Google Places
35:40account you don’t have any videos you
35:43know take some time and have some videos
35:45me these don’t have to be high end they
35:47don’t have to be super professional but
35:49just a simple video of you standing in
35:51front of your truck or standing in front
35:53of your building up you know shot on an
35:55iPhone or an Android camera or something
35:57simple as simple as hey my name is joe
36:01i’m the owner of old plumbing children
36:03plugger you know we provide you know
36:05residential commercial plumbing services
36:07are available twenty-four-seven get
36:09someone out to your house today if
36:11you’ve got a plumbing situation and you
36:13need help give us a call love to work
36:15with you
36:16you can reach me at this number you know
36:18those types of videos tend to work
36:20extremely well and then make a simple
36:22video like that 320 or services so hey
36:25you know if you’ve got a burst pipe we
36:27have any experts trenchless sewer
36:28replacement can save you a lot of money
36:30on you know fixing the pipe situation
36:33you have here are some of the benefits
36:35give me a call I’d be glad to come on to
36:37your house and give you a free estimate
36:38simple videos like that make the
36:41consumer feel like they can trust you
36:43like they know you before they even meet
36:46so record some videos it gives you more
36:49contacts to google places listing
36:50another tip one on you know videos
36:53upload them to youtube there’s an
36:55advanced settings that you can also set
36:58the Geo modifying information so you
37:00would say this address will tag it place
37:03a little pin spot for the video on your
37:05place of business
37:06it gives you more geographical context
37:09to google places listing if you’d like
37:13more specific information on how to
37:15claim your google places listing how to
37:17do the things i’m talking about the
37:19images and videos I have a free guide
37:21available at pumper SEO dotnet / google
37:24dash places it’s completely free you can
37:28go there and
37:29download to God so let’s talk about
37:32establishing your nap or your name
37:35address phone number profile across the
37:37web a citation is a reference of your
37:41company’s name address and phone number
37:44and what you need to do is improve the
37:48quantity and quality of your citations
37:51across the web so when Google comes
37:53through on your google places listing
37:55they can see that only listed there but
37:57they find the information on your
37:59facebook and twitter local ease dex
38:02Knows yellow box citysearch Angie’s List and it’s finding the same name
38:08address and phone number on all of these
38:10different websites
38:12well that gives you a lot of context and
38:14it gives you a lot of authority google
38:16feels more comfortable placing you on
38:18that page 1 instead of page seven where
38:20you might be now so just a list of some
38:23of the main citations you want to make
38:25sure you get the top ones are being
38:27local citysearch gap local Angie’s List
38:32judys book merchantcircle if
38:35you want a list of these citations and
38:38these are talking in this case about the
38:39free listings you don’t need to go out
38:41and buy paid and all of these all you’re
38:44doing is going to the website making
38:45sure that your name address and phone
38:47number are listed and you’re in there
38:49directory and creating that nap profile
38:54so if you want to complete list of these
38:55with the urls for how to get there again
38:58plumber SEO dotnet / google dash places
39:01i’ll provide you with with the complete
39:03list the next critical component like we
39:08talked about was having reviews i want
39:10to emphasize that we need authentic true
39:13reviews from your true customers on your
39:16google places listing and other online
39:18directory sites so this isn’t a case
39:21where I’m just telling you haga wanted
39:22you know span the reviews create a bunch
39:25of accounts and get your review count
39:26from 0 to 7 from seven to fifteen you
39:29need a system in a process to get real
39:31reviews from real people with real
39:33profiles the reason I say that is google
39:37isn’t just counting reviews it’s looking
39:40at the reviewer
39:41profile so it can tell based on where
39:43the review is originated you know
39:46whether you’re doing a bunch of bogus
39:48reviews from your computer from your
39:50house or if it’s real people spread
39:53throughout your service area that have
39:56existing Google accounts
39:58google has millions and millions and
40:00millions of users a lot of them use
40:02gmail they use YouTube they use Google+
40:06so they have at some level developed or
40:09or set up a google account and google
40:12has a history on all of those google
40:13accounts the reviews you want our from
40:16the diverse set of people in your area
40:19google knows where they’re from because
40:21they’re typically searching the internet
40:23with cached information on so i’m not
40:26gonna get off my soap on for a second
40:28but the point is you need to have real
40:30reviews and process to get those reviews
40:33and not just trying to game the system
40:35so we talked about this being a key
40:40determine our clients that have more
40:41reviews tend to rank much better on the
40:43map and the ones that don’t here’s a
40:46specific strategy for getting reviews
40:48from your real customers put together a
40:50list of your sphere of influence by
40:54screw of influence i’m talking about
40:55your past customers you’re close
40:58personal friends your family members all
41:02people that know you as a business and
41:04as a businessperson and put together a
41:07simple email that says hey you know I’m
41:10in the process of trying to ramp up my
41:12internet marketing efforts in order to
41:14do so I need to get some reviews online
41:16on my google places and other online
41:18directory listings as a friend and a
41:22pass user of my services
41:24I’d really appreciate if you take a few
41:25minutes to write me a review on the
41:27Google Places account it will really
41:29help me out and get more directly can
41:31make it simple as pie for them to go on
41:34rate review we find doing that creates a
41:37nice bulk of legitimate reviews to your
41:39google places listing and it gives you a
41:42nice head start the next thing you need
41:44to do is create a system in your
41:47business where your systematically
41:49requesting getting reviews from your
41:51so there’s a couple ways to do this the
41:54one thing we recommend that we do for
41:56our clients we print out a review
41:58request cart and so it’s just a business
42:00card or postcard when you type in thanks
42:03for your business we appreciate the
42:04opportunity to serve you and would love
42:06to get your feedback and then you give
42:09them this postcard with them with a link
42:11to a place where they can write a review
42:13now there’s the hard way to do it and
42:15there’s the easy way to do it the hard
42:17way is to send them to into / whatever the length of
42:23your Google URL is or you can use
42:26shortener like uh one of the google one
42:30of the URL shorteners to bring that down
42:32to a much shorter level the easy way to
42:36do it would be the creative page on your
42:38website called your company com /
42:41reviews and on that page have direct
42:44links to various online review sites and
42:48the reason you won’t want to use various
42:50online review sites is not everybody has
42:54that google account and if they want to
42:56write a review for you on Google+ local
42:58or google places they’re gonna have to
43:00go there and I’m gonna have to create an
43:02account and they’re going to have to
43:03write the review and if they just
43:05created account they don’t have a
43:08reviewer profile so it’s not going to
43:10add much value to you anyways
43:12however there are people that use
43:15different profiles some people just
43:17advocates of angie’s list and they’ve
43:19got Angie’s List account and if you gave
43:21them the option to Rachel review 1
43:23inches less they would jump right on it
43:24would put together their review real
43:26quickly so people are young they like to
43:29write reviews on they’ve got a
43:31Yelp account in Britain 20 different
43:33reviews for every restaurant in every
43:35local retail center and everything in
43:38between and so the point is you want to
43:41have options for your customers whether
43:43they want to write a review on google
43:44places on on citysearch on
43:48Angie’s List make it real easy for them
43:50so send them create a little page on
43:53your website called your company dot-com
43:54/ reviews put on your card hey go to
43:56this this website and you can write a
43:59review and we really appreciate it
44:01taking it a step further you can
44:03leverage email and this is
44:05really the easiest most encouraged what
44:07you doing leverage email to get your
44:10customers to write reviews so start to
44:13have a process and I recommended be in
44:15the front end when the person calls in
44:18hey thanks for calling jose plumbing how
44:20can I help you all you need a technician
44:21out today
44:22great what’s the address ok hey I’d like
44:26to send you a confirmation being email
44:27what email address should i send this to
44:29this you know this is a big tip asking
44:32for it that point the conversation as
44:35opposed to after the service is done
44:36makes all the difference in the world
44:38we’ve had clients we said hey why don’t
44:40you start to collect email addresses
44:41from your customers and say we’re trying
44:44you know the technician provides the
44:46service and he says hey you know by the
44:48way what’s your email address and
44:49customers like you know why i want to
44:51give you my email address what’s in it
44:52for me
44:53they want to get spam they want to get
44:54on your email newsletter list but if
44:57you’re going to be going out to their
44:58home and you’re telling them hey I’m
44:59just gonna send you a confirmation email
45:01so much softer sale and by the way now
45:04you can email market to them you can
45:06send the request for review can find
45:08them their social media profiles so try
45:11and ask for at that point of time but in
45:13either event once you’ve got the email
45:16address you can have a an email go out
45:19to the customer thanking them for their
45:21business always a good practice showing
45:23appreciation and letting them know that
45:25you love to get their feedback again say
45:27them indirectly the places where they
45:29can write your reviews or to that web
45:30page on your site that has links to all
45:33of those places where they can write
45:34reviews so that’s the way that you could
45:36start to get true authentic reviews from
45:38your customers in your market that will
45:40make a huge impact in your placement and
45:42your ability to get new business so
45:47again that the three core components to
45:50getting listed on the google map is
45:52having explained and verified google
45:53places listing establishing your name
45:56address and phone number so it’s
45:57consistent across the web getting
46:01reviews and having a system in place to
46:03get through reviews and helping google
46:05understand true service area and there’s
46:07a secret weapon that we reference and
46:09that we use to help our clients
46:11establish that room service area and
46:15kind of automated to review request
46:17so just picture with me for a second
46:20here we’ve got joe the plumber and you
46:23can see you standing here he just pulled
46:24up to you besties house one of his
46:28customers that need to have their toilet
46:30unclogged now when he gets there he’s
46:34going to use a web-based tool that runs
46:36either on his iphone is android or some
46:39other mobile device and he’s gonna load
46:41up the tool called nearby now and he’s
46:44going to check in and when he does that
46:46the data from his iphone the GPS
46:50information as iPhones going to push
46:52that exact check-in showing where he’s
46:54located and he’s going to continuously
46:57do that every time he goes to a
46:58customers location and what that does is
47:01it starts to syndicate back to your
47:03website your social media profiles
47:04checking that creating a heat map
47:07showing where you and your technicians
47:10are checking in all over town
47:12we found this to be a great way to help
47:14Google understand your true service area
47:17and help get you rent outside of that
47:20main city where you have to operate so
47:22you’re located in let’s say if you’re in
47:24software in candle but the main cities
47:26Miami man you know I wish my officers in
47:29Miami but i did Kendall I want to show
47:31up from Miami well by having this tool
47:34and really using an effective way you
47:37can help Google understand that while
47:39you’re in kendall in true service area
47:41is a 25-mile radius which includes Miami
47:44and some of the other main cities around
47:46that area now taking a step further
47:50what you can do with this tool is you
47:52can start to automate the review request
47:54process so just again Joe goes out
47:57checks in at the home information is
48:00gathered pushed back to the website to
48:02help establish true service area then he
48:05tells the customer
48:06hey I’m gonna send your question review
48:08and then he presses another button
48:11inside of nearby now and email goes out
48:14to the customer but you know what we
48:16said thanks for your business with if
48:18you you know we love to get your
48:19feedback please write us a review and
48:22then what you get is more reviews
48:24because you’ve got a process
48:26automated processing your business when
48:28you’re helping google understanding
48:29through service area and you’re getting
48:31reviews from your customers that tool is
48:34called nearby now you can access it at
48:38www by now dot c 0 / plumber SEO and
48:44it’s a great tool to accomplish that
48:46task to automate to review request
48:48process and so that is our discussion on
48:52getting ranked in Google map and what
48:54you need to do to get ranked on google
48:56map any questions on that I don’t I went
48:59into a lot of death so um if I don’t
49:02have questions I know I’m starting to
49:04almost take my time limit so I want to
49:06keep going
49:07so let’s talk about how to get listed in
49:11the organic section not necessarily the
49:14map but the organic section on the
49:16search engines and the main words like
49:21your city plus plumber your city and
49:23plus plumbing are going to be driven by
49:26the map if you really need to show up on
49:27the map because you show up you know
49:29down the list maybe eight or nine down
49:31the list of the best case however if you
49:36want to get ranked four words like your
49:38city plus drain cleaning your city plus
49:41water heater installation should be plus
49:43water heater repair and a lot of cases
49:45the map doesn’t show up for those
49:46searches so you need to have an organic
49:49optimization strategy to rank for those
49:52keywords so let’s talk about how to get
49:54listed in the organic section
49:56ultimately there’s three main things
49:59that you need to do to get listed in the
50:00organic section in more placeholders so
50:03more more more places that you’re
50:07actually listed for in Google’s index
50:10then you need to optimize your website
50:14for each one of those placeholders any
50:18inbound links so I’m going to unpack
50:20what each of those three mean but
50:22ultimately you need more pages for
50:25showing up on the map in the organic
50:27section in more optimizations you need
50:30google really understand what your
50:31websites all about what words you should
50:33be ranking for and they need more
50:35inbound links which are going to prove
50:36the probability
50:38showing up my google ranking that way
50:40before we go there we need to talk about
50:43what the main keywords are and you know
50:45we’ve done some keyword research to find
50:47out what the main things people are
50:49typing in when they’re looking for
50:51plumbing and AC related services so the
50:53plumbing sign you got plumber plumbing
50:55plumbing contractor residential plumbing
50:57emergency plumber slab leak leak
51:00detection water heater water heater
51:02installation repiping leaky faucet and
51:06the list goes on and on
51:07from an AC repair or hvac side of of the
51:13you know there’s air conditioning air
51:15conditioner repair AC repair he furnace
51:18repair vent cleaning analyst goes on and
51:21i’m not going to go into depth on each
51:23one of these if you’d like a copy of
51:25this list of keywords you can go to
51:27plumber SEO dot slash free there you’ll
51:31find a guide that’s completely free
51:32talks about some of the other strategies
51:35are going to be sharing on an SEO side
51:37of the equation but it also shares that
51:40list of the most commonly searched
51:41keywords which will be important as you
51:43look to implement these ideas so I said
51:47you need more pages you need to have
51:49more plages and placeholders let me
51:53explain what I mean by that the typical
51:55plumbing website as you know five to
51:58seven pages typically find at home about
52:01us our services contact us and maybe a
52:05coupon page and that’s great but if you
52:09want to rank for all the different words
52:12that i was talking about over here all
52:13the different keyword combinations you
52:15really need to make sure that you’ve got
52:17pages for each one of your services
52:18because each page on your website can
52:21only be optimized for two maybe three
52:24keyword combinations so your homepage
52:28you’re typically going to optimize for
52:29your main service of your plumber you
52:32don’t want to optimize for your city
52:34plus plus plus plumbing or C++ and
52:37contractor if you want to rank for water
52:40heater installation and leak detection
52:42and repiping and drain cleaning you have
52:45pages on your website
52:46each one of those that
52:47specifically optimized for those search
52:49combinations so that’s why i say you
52:53need more placeholders so you need a
52:55subpage each one of your different
52:56services like I’ve defined here you know
52:59you’ve got my emergency plumber early
53:01detection maybe 20 repair then you want
53:03some pages for each one of the services
53:05areas that your service
53:07so the typical plumbing contractor we
53:09deal with as a service area between 25
53:12and 50 miles you know in some water some
53:15narrower but that results in a lot of
53:19little cities around your area so if i
53:21use an example Miami in Miami
53:24you’ve also got Kendall you get the
53:26rally you’ve got homestead you got ilia
53:28get north miami miami beach and all of
53:30that might be in the same service area
53:3241 plumbing contractor so we’re going to
53:36rank for each one of those areas you
53:38need to make sure that you’ve got a page
53:39on your website for each one of those
53:42specific subsidies so home about us our
53:47services right and then combined with
53:50our services you linked to each one of
53:52the different services that you offer
53:54coupons our service area there you want
54:00to list each one of the subsidies that
54:02you operate can build around me and then
54:04link to a page that talks about those
54:06specific services in those specific
54:09markets now I talk about the site
54:14needing to be optimized there there’s
54:16books and topics on this arm that you
54:19can read but ultimately one of the
54:22number one determines the google look
54:24sad to see what your website or what
54:26your webpage all about is the title tag
54:29and this time tag is this area up on the
54:31top of the browser on any website that
54:34any web developer that you might work
54:39with worth his salt should be able to
54:40update on and so it’s called your title
54:43tag shows up at the blue bar at the top
54:45of your site typical plumbing website
54:48we’re seeing is that title is something
54:50like Jose plumbing service which would
54:52be the company’s name which is great for
54:54well optimized your company name but
54:56most people at least the people you want
54:58have edge on the internet marketing and
55:00type into Google jose plumbing they’re
55:03gonna type in you know you’re sitting
55:04plus plumber your city’s plus plumbing
55:06your city plus plumbing contractor so
55:09you want to use for each of these pages
55:11on your website this is a strategy to be
55:13on every page not just your homepage you
55:15need to move your main keyword as far to
55:18the left at the front of your title so
55:22in the case of Miami plumber jobs
55:24plumbing you’d want to be Miami plumber
55:26jose plumbing service and then you know
55:28some other keyword that you want to rank
55:30for whether it’s emergency plumber
55:31commercial plumbing or whatever your
55:33second most important keyword is and you
55:36want to do the same thing for the sub
55:37pages on your website so if you’ve got a
55:40page or website that you want to rank
55:41for water heater installation you call
55:44Miami water heater installation service
55:47by jose plumbing service in miami
55:49florida for instance and the same thing
55:51for prank leaning in the same thing for
55:52repipe that title tag is essential and
55:56you know again I talked about google
55:58places you haven’t claimed google places
56:00listing stop now do that and you’ll get
56:02a ton of value out of this presentation
56:04if you don’t do anything else from this
56:06presentation but go back to the title
56:08tag on your homepage and you change that
56:10from your company name to your city plus
56:12your service you’ll notice a major
56:14drastic improvement in how your ranking
56:17in the search engines for that specific
56:18work some additional things you can do
56:21to optimize your website
56:23you know you want a unique title tag
56:24that’s this on every page of your site
56:27for a specific keyword you want to have
56:29an h1 tag that’s the big bold text along
56:32the top with your keyword you want to
56:34name your images with your keywords so
56:37if you’ve got a picture of you standing
56:38in front of your truck again don’t
56:40upload that image as me and for my truck
56:43dot jpg uploaded as you know maybe
56:46plumbing jose plumbing service you know
56:48as the name of the image and there’s
56:51some additional things you can do here
56:52but those are the main things title tag
56:55h1 tag keywords in your in your images
57:02now that’s going to give you placement
57:04on the search engines for the various
57:06plumbing or hvac related keywords
57:09because you’ve got a page for each one
57:11of the services of page for the
57:12subsidies that you operated
57:13unfortunately that doesn’t mean that
57:16your ranking on page 14 all of the
57:18services it just means you’re in the
57:20index which is start right
57:22it means that you’re going to be showing
57:23up maybe on page 10 which will be
57:25showing up somewhere down the list
57:28because you have a page specifically
57:30built for it
57:31the thing that determines who gets page
57:351 vs page 74 spot one vs bots six is the
57:40number of credible quality inbound links
57:44to that website or to that page and so
57:48really he who has the most quality
57:51inbound links wins so you need to have a
57:55strategy to get links to other websites
57:58online linking back to your website if
58:03you’re going to outrange competition so
58:05let me talk about some specific link
58:06building strategies for improving your
58:09authority on the search engines in to
58:11improve replacement for all these
58:12various keywords first thing you want to
58:15do is look at the low-hanging fruit find
58:19associations from organizations that
58:21you’re involved in and get links from
58:23those organizations websites to your
58:26website so if you’re a member of the
58:27plumbing Association you’re on this
58:29webinar you’re probably a member of the
58:31PHCC go to your local and national
58:34chapter and say hey how do I get my
58:36company listed on the on beyond the
58:39website with the lead back to my website
58:41for a member of the Chamber of Commerce
58:43their member of any local networking
58:45groups these are great
58:47inbound links that you can get just by
58:48having your company’s name address and
58:50phone number and a link back to your
58:52website directory listings we talked
58:56about it a little bit on for forgetting
58:59list on the map you have to have
59:00consistently matters involving number
59:01you want to be listed on the online
59:03directories are getting listed there
59:05does create a nice and balanced for you
59:08Angie’s List judys book
59:10the other thing you should do is run a
59:13search for
59:14your city business directory and you’ll
59:16find some other very localized
59:18directories you can add yourself to run
59:20a search for your you know for your
59:21service directory so plumbing directory
59:24you know things like he local plumber
59:26and plumbing great places to
59:29have yourself added you get a citation
59:31you also get a quality inbound link to
59:33your website but really the best way to
59:36improve the number of inbound links and
59:38and really improve the overall ranking
59:40of your website is by creating
59:42interesting content you know content
59:46doesn’t have to be articles should you
59:48know could be articles could be videos
59:50could be audio recordings but it’s gonna
59:52be information that you happen to have
59:54expert knowledge on that you can touched
59:58either videos like I said or articles or
60:00audio recordings i personally have to
60:03happen to have some expert knowledge
60:04around internet marketing and search
60:06engine optimization social media so I
60:08create that kind of content create
60:10articles i push up videos record
60:12podcasts and you probably have expert
60:16knowledge about what you do so you know
60:19about you know the differences between
60:20PVC copper piping you know about the
60:24benefits of trenchless versus regular
60:26retrenching you don’t want the benefits
60:28of tankless vs tank water heaters you
60:31get the idea take your expert knowledge
60:33and create content around it and then
60:36you can upload it to your blog you can
60:38upload it to your social media profiles
60:40you can push it out to article directory
60:42sites and by creating that content and
60:45putting it out online
60:46you always want to have a link back to
60:48your homepage which the sub page on your
60:50website so if you wrote an article about
60:52how to choose a plumber in the Miami
60:55well now you’ve got a link that you
60:57probably want to send back to your
60:58homepage and says you need in Miami
61:00plumber come to joe’s plumbing service
61:02with a link back to your website if you
61:06wrote an article on the benefits of
61:07trenchless sewer replacement
61:09well then you got to create a link back
61:11to your homepage probably the direct
61:13link there but you can also send a link
61:15back to your trenchless sewer repair
61:17planes on your website again you don’t
61:19just want links to your homepage you
61:21want me to the sub pages on your website
61:23as well so you can create that authority
61:25and get at your home page for this
61:27of pages to rise as well
61:31the other really good strategy for
61:33improving the number of inbound links to
61:35your website is what we call competitive
61:37link acquisition and this is a strategy
61:39that most of plumbing and hvac
61:41contractors i talked with really seem to
61:44get and want to take hold up if you type
61:47in your city plus plumber your city plus
61:49plumbing inevitably there’s a big player
61:52in your market that’s in spot one
61:54somebody’s spot to somebody’s bought
61:56three something spot for and the reason
61:59they’re ranked in those positions is
62:01because they have more authority in
62:03terms of inbound links and citations to
62:06their website that you have so you could
62:09do competitive link acquisition in other
62:11words will create a list of the website
62:14addresses of those top 10 guys in your
62:16market and then use a tool
62:18there’s a lot of tools online but one of
62:20them is yahoo shot Explorer you can type
62:23in on week Hollen whatever
62:26those URLs or one at a time your
62:28competitor 1 your competitor to your
62:30competitor and we’ll give you a
62:33link profile showing ok these are the
62:36tan legs pointing back to competitor and you can look at those links to
62:41ok which ones can I get to my website
62:44oh he’s a member of this association
62:46maybe actually joined that Association
62:48oh he wrote an article that got picked
62:50up on you know the software business
62:52journal how do i get that i’m going to
62:54write an article get a link back to me
62:55that’s the process by which you can get
62:58more of the same links than your
63:00competition and that’s how you start out
63:03rate your competition for your keywords
63:05in your market amount of time I don’t
63:09getting questions I apologize i’ve
63:10already think I’m going longer than I
63:12was supposed to so I hope you’re getting
63:13a value on this if you do just please
63:15you know I’d appreciate if you shoot me
63:17a little message dollars hey no no
63:20questions what a great work i love what
63:21you’re doing here
63:22let’s talk real quick about directories
63:27we talked about citation development and
63:29making sure you’re listed on citysearch
63:31angie’s list all these different places
63:33or establish your name address and phone
63:35number profile there are some
63:37directories that are worth
63:39you know an advertisement for paying for
63:42advertising in the ones i recommend for
63:45the most part number one is seen a lot of my best
63:50customers that are actively involved in
63:52Angie’s List they got a lot of really
63:54good reviews on angie’s list and they
63:56get quality business from it
63:58the main thing i like about angie’s list
64:01is a demographic of the customer
64:03literature attracting you’re not really
64:05going to be getting the low
64:06bottom-feeder type customer on angie’s
64:08list you’re not going to be giving that
64:09person that wants to come on stick their
64:11grain for $39 give you a free estimate
64:13and then bring in 10 of the guys they’re
64:16really more the quality consumer that
64:18has paid to get access to a list of pre
64:21qualified contractors and they want
64:24quality they want somebody’s we show up
64:26on time that’s gonna be professional
64:28that’s not going to leave a mess and you
64:30know what they realize they’re gonna
64:31wind up paying a premium for that
64:33service but they’re willing to pay that
64:34premium because that’s the kind of
64:36customer that they are so if you didn’t
64:39advertise in any other online directory
64:41i would recommend angie’s list and find
64:43it to be a good source of quality
64:46business the other ones to consider in not as much
64:52though as is Angela so if you had the
64:54most accurate importance definitely
64:56angie’s list first
64:58now let’s talk about social media and as
65:02I talked to plumbing and hvac
65:04contractors and I mentioned social media
65:06their eyes kind of glaze over to say
65:07yeah yeah I’ve heard the bars I’ve heard
65:10the hype i just don’t see how it applies
65:12to my plumbing business I don’t see how
65:13that’s gonna help me you know get my
65:15phone read more give me more business
65:17and so let me explain how i like to
65:19think about social media I like to ask
65:22one question to really comedy this up
65:25right now what’s your number one source
65:28of business you know not yellowpages not
65:31internet but where do you get most of
65:33your business from and you know if you
65:35if you like what he did down there on
65:37the other questions forum will come into
65:39me and I can look at it and I did this
65:43live a couple weeks ago in in fort
65:45lauderdale I mean not correlated with
65:47the Florida PHCC convention and
65:50unilaterally the
65:52answer was repeat and referral business
65:55bypass customers and I repeat customers
65:58and where I get most of my business and
66:01I’ll tell you
66:01social media is a way to take that
66:04repeat and word-of-mouth business
66:06injected with steroids and take it to a
66:08whole nother level within your
66:09organization because the average
66:12Facebook user has a hundred thirty-five
66:15friends and is typically logging in and
66:20interacting on facebook at least three
66:24to five times per day that means are
66:26just average statistics across the board
66:27so if you can get your customer that
66:30you’re at yesterday to go ahead and go
66:34to your facebook business page and press
66:36the like button by them doing that
66:38they’ve basically exposed your
66:41organization 235 people typically within
66:44your geographic area it’s almost as if
66:50they took they took out a notepad and
66:52roll down
66:53hey to each other friends hey I met this
66:55really great plumber in our area next
66:57time you need plumbing services police
66:58thinking that and sent it out on your
67:02now I mean can start to see how that
67:04would help to maybe generate some word
67:07of mouth business for you
67:08the other thing that social media has
67:10the opportunity to do is help to keep
67:12you top of mind because every time they
67:15log into their facebook page after
67:17pressing the like button if you’re
67:19putting out good information you’re
67:21putting out information on a consistent
67:22basis they’re gonna see your tip they’re
67:25going to see your updates going to see
67:26your coupon they’re gonna see your photo
67:27and I think man that’s cool that’s a
67:30cool plumbing HVAC company next time I
67:32need plumbing service i’m going to call
67:33them or next time a friend says hey do
67:36you know a good plumber
67:37oh yeah you know I’ve got this guy’s on
67:39my face but you always put all this cool
67:40stuff that’s how you can leverage social
67:43media facebook and twitter and google+
67:46and didn’t really take your your
67:50business to the next level and get more
67:51repeat and referral business so how can
67:55you start you know it can be
67:56overwhelming and you look at all the
67:57options and social media you definitely
67:59want to start with facebook business
68:01page so set up a personal profile if you
68:04one connect that to a business page and
68:08start to put on information you want to
68:10have a twitter account you want to have
68:11a linkedin profile you want to have a
68:13youtube channel we can upload videos you
68:16want a google plus account and you want
68:18to block a blog being your company com /
68:21blog the place where you can upload
68:23information all of your photos all of
68:26your articles all of your videos and be
68:29the central hub where you host all of
68:31your you know your relevant information
68:33for your customers so some ways to get
68:37started with with this once you’ve got
68:40your profile setup the first thing you
68:41want to do similar to a review
68:43acquisition process is sit down and
68:45think about your personal sphere of
68:47influence think about your friends your
68:49family your good customers and she know
68:51already like you and refer to their
68:53friends and put together a simple email
68:56that says hey you know we’re actively
68:58getting involved in social media
69:00I set up this facebook page and this
69:02YouTube channel if you would spend a few
69:04minutes and press the like button press
69:06the subscribe button press the follow
69:07button i really appreciate it and in
69:10some cases here you can even add
69:11something of value offer them a offer
69:15them a couponer and discount off the
69:16next service or some little cookie so
69:18little widget that it doesn’t cost you a
69:21lot but adds value in them and that they
69:22would enjoy this is a great way to give
69:25initial following from your social on
69:28your social media profiles then of
69:31course you need to have a strategy to
69:33consistently invite your customers to
69:35the social media sphere so sending out
69:38an email after service thinking them
69:40asking them for that review and then a
69:42third touches hey by the way we’re on
69:44social media press the like button we
69:46really appreciate press like buddy get
69:48the special incentive on an ongoing
69:51basis in order for social media can be a
69:53effective you have to be continually
69:56putting up good quality information and
70:00we like to use the 9010 roll ninety
70:02percent of the content you produce
70:04social media profiles should be
70:05informational it should be a value
70:08should be it should be social pictures
70:11of your staff pictures of a party that
70:13your staff at pictures of your trucks
70:15pictures of job that you did
70:17out the field and only ten percent of it
70:19should be a promotional so don’t sell on
70:23your social media profiles but do have
70:25value and occasionally can put out that
70:27hey you know get ten percent off your
70:29next plumbing service or hey if you’re
70:31thinking about remodeling you know will
70:33come off for a free estimate if you do
70:36that you’re going to be able to maintain
70:37that following of customers going to be
70:40able to remain top of mind and people
70:42want to refer you through their social
70:44media connections so just to recap we
70:50talked about google map opposition you
70:53can claim your listing need to optimize
70:55it by adding those photos and those
70:57videos in the right context all
70:59information that you need to establish
71:00your name address phone number and put a
71:03system in place to start to
71:04systematically get reviews from real
71:06customers from an SEO perspective order
71:09to get pranked in the organic section
71:10you need to optimize your website you
71:13need to build up pages for each one of
71:15the services and enjoy the markets that
71:17you have and then you need to create a
71:18process where you’re getting inbound
71:21links to your website through fresh
71:23content you’re creating social media you
71:27want to leverage email in order to get
71:29your active customers to engage with you
71:31on social media in a way that’s going to
71:33drive repeat and referral business so i
71:38hope you found this information
71:40interesting i hope you found it valuable
71:42uh you know we developed a complete
71:44guide to go along with this that share
71:46some of our best ideas and strategies
71:48and techniques on how you can do the you
71:51know the step-by-step stuff how to claim
71:52your google places listing how to build
71:54out those web pages on your website how
71:57to get the inbound links how to leverage
71:59social media specific altitudes on how
72:01to setup your Facebook page to download
72:03that you can go to plumber SEO dot that
72:06/ free now if you’re the type of
72:10business owner that says no watch this
72:12is great information
72:13I appreciate that you spend an hour and
72:15you know 15 minutes sharing is great
72:17information with me but at the end of
72:19the day I’m not going to be able to do
72:21this on my own
72:22I’m a plumber i’m the owner of a
72:24plumbing range fact business and I’ve
72:26got work to do
72:27I be I would want
72:29to have an expert that knows how to do
72:32this stuff that could do it for me now
72:35if you’re that kind of company you’re
72:36saying you know what I like that level
72:38of support i like that somebody do this
72:40for me
72:41well then I love to talk with you know
72:43obviously that’s what we do our core
72:45business is taking these ideas these
72:47strategies techniques and implementing
72:50them on the behalf of our clients so if
72:53that’s you if you’d like to talk with me
72:55I’d encourage you to give me a call
72:57we only work with one plumber or hvac
73:00contractor in each market so if you’re
73:03interested give me a call
73:05you can reach me directly 866 610 4647 I
73:11appreciate you taking the time and I
73:12really truly hope that you’re able to
73:14take these ideas and take your business
73:16to a whole nother level”

Published on Jul 31, 2012

As this training session demonstrates, plumbing contractors who are providing bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as re-piping services and water main replacements need online marketing strategies to succeed in business.

The Best Website Hosting 2017 – WordPress Web Hosting

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In this video I go over what I feel are the best website hosting providers in 2016. I cover 2 budget hosts, as well as 2 of the biggest website hosts. Namecheap and 1&1 and the 2 best website hosting providers if you are on a budget, while Bluehost and Hostgator are the 2 best website hosting providers overall if you are willing to spend more for higher quality. All these providers are perfect for WordPress web hosting.

Each host listed has it’s own pros and cons, which I cover in detail inside of the video. Overall, the decision of which hosting provider you should use depends on your situation, preference, and what you are looking to achieve.

The information in this video should prove helpful when making the decision of which website hosting provider is best in 2016.

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