How to Host a Website with Google Drive?

You can use Google Drive to host a website with a customized domain. It is a reliable cloud storage platform and offers 16 GB of free space which should be sufficient for a basic website.

To host your website on Google Drive you need the following:
1. Gmail id
2. HTML page including pictures, videos, CSS and java script of website.

Complete process of hosting website on Google Drive can be done in few minutes. Tutorial explains easy to follow steps to host website on customized- free and paid domain.

Here’s an example Google site: Google site

Note on Customized Domain: Before applying for free Domain service from other sites one must read the policies and FAQ’s of the site. On the other hand if you face any issue while pointing paid Domain to Google Drive, then you should contact domain service provider and check the pointing IP again, in this case propagation can take upto 48 hours.

If you are a business users and your requirement is high space then you can go for paid services that offer storage from 100 GB to 30 TB, you can check out the charges here:

Limitations of hosting website on Google Drive-

There is no direct way to create an HTML page directly on Google drive, so if you wish to add a page, you will have to do that offline. Well despite that, Google Drive is a reliable platform for free web hosting.

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How to hide your Pinterest account from search engines

Is This Counter Intuitive SEO?

Pinterest Is Still Your SEO Friend

Pinterest Social Media

This very interesting video discusses hiding your Pinterest account from search engines, which is the exact opposite of what most people want. Or do they? Fact is, most people who use Pinterest are individuals, not companies. Businesses do use Pinterest, of course, but mostly for search engine optimization. Adding a Pinterest account, keeping it active, maintaining the images, freshening your “boards” and adding links, this all takes time, and, of course, money. Most companies gain zero in monetization from their account. It is almost always a bridge to their main website. As a result, they want the search engines to find it and spider it as often as possible to pick up new links that point back to their main website.

“Do you want to make your Pinterest™ account private? Get to know about easy steps to hide your Pinterest™ account from search engines by watching this video.

As with all Social Media, Pinterest is basically an interest group, it provides you, the Social Media account owner, the opportunity to reach out and be a bit more friendly, share a few more intimate details about yourself, your interests, and perhaps about your business. Because Pinterest is image focused, it’s the best of all Social Media for sharing images, particularly any images that relate to your business. Don’t be shy about sending links back to your main site via Pinterest. However, we recommend the following:

Use plenty of caption text with your images. This helps explain the image and fills in the back story. Also, we like Bitly outbound links to other sites because they are shorter.

How often should you update your Pinterest account is totally up to you and should be determined by your business goals. Some businesses need to update daily. If you own a photography studio, you should have thousands of Pinterest postings. If you operate an emergency plumbing company, your Pinterest account may have a total of ten images over the entire lifetime of the account!

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