Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?

Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO? (or do they have no effect)?

SEO In The Clouds

Tag Clouds have always been a bit of a “maybe” . . . “maybe not” for website SEO. They have their advocates. We think they add some fun and interesting page variance for appearance sake, but not much else. They tend to be a bit to gimmicky to be effective and now with the new Google updates of 2012, they add a bit too much keyword stuffing to truly be worthwhile. Our vote is a mild “No” on tag clouds for SEO.

Further Google News In The Clouds

<<< The following information was released in May, 2014 >>>
In May, 2014, Google tried a new effort, dubbed Google Music (along with a cool app), which is a cloud oriented music app that streams music, so it will allow for both backup plus streaming for phones and other types of devices.s The buzz on the street is all about Google attempting to push the product into the online MP3 retail store market place, putting it in competition with Amazon and Apple. This would, in fact, be a major undertaking.

Wall Street Journal articles state that the search engine giant is involved in talks involving licensing with every major record label company; that includes Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and EMI. Although Google is making the effort, not all negotiations have been moving forward. Should Google move into the music store business, it might not be launching with music from the three biggest labels. The rumor mill has it that only EMI, with artists including Lady Antebellum and Katy Perry, is close to inking a deal with Google.

Google Music as a service is now based on invitation only and still in beta mode. The NY Times story says Google would like to open the store for customers in a few weeks. All this comes at the same time Google rolled out its Google Music app for the iOS approximately a month previously along with an updated Android version that they leaked a week ago.

Google’s basis of operation doesn’t really lend itself to the Google Music Store modality, so there may need to be some geek tweaking going on. Google is not like Apple, because Google allows users to actually store music, not stream the music, then play it from a number of different devices. Apple provides licenses allowing remote access to its libraries that are online, therefore no uploading is necessary. As of now, Google will, however, let iTunes libraries be uploaded into Google Music.

It’s open, we’ll see how it works out.

Meanwhile, Google marches on with more Panda updates in 4.1 version in October 2014. So, look out for penalties if your site has thine content, poor content, duplicate content, especially when there is a large quantity of duplicate content. Also, avoid so called “Spun content” that is generated by autogenerate software programs, also known as machine generated. Google also announced they weren’t going to announce new Panda rollouts, they would merely be included in the routine Google indexing procedures.

Google is basically coming down hard, but quietly on poor quality websites. If you need true search engine optimization help, from a real expert SEO consultant who can improve your site ranking in the Google search engine rankings, contact They are the most professional and experienced SEO services company in Vancovuer Washington. has not only great service, but great prices.

How can I tell Google that multiple domains are related?

Is there any way Google identifies “sister” websites? For example, relationships between and Does linking from one to the other is taken as paid or unnatural? And I’m strictly talking about good, genuine ccTLDs for businesses 🙂
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