Search Engine Marketing – In Simple English

This search engine marketing video tutorial guide covers the key elements to focus on for a search engine marketing campaign. It covers the following topics for search engine pay-per-click marketing; Adwords Textual, Adwords Network, Adwords Images Ads, and Bing Yahoo PPC. It covers the following topics for SEO; Keyword Research, Analytics, On Page Optimization, Link Building, and Social Signals.

Top Tips for SEM covered:

1) Adwords Textual Adds – Always use brackets, focus on buy words, and geo target your search engine marketing campaigns.

2) Adwords Google Network – Set up a different campaign to track conversions, check daily, block domains that do not convert.

3) Adwords Image Ads – Take the time to make images for each dimension set, low competition for this area leads to lower cost per click.

Top Tips for SEO covered:

1) Keyword Research – Use the data compiled from your PPC campaign and focus on words that have proven to bring in sales.

2) Analytics – Review analytics to identify low hanging fruit in the form of keyword strings that you already get quality traffic from.

3) On Page – Make sure your title and description are congruent with the landing page. This will increase the time on page per click and push you up the SERPs.

4) Linkbuilding – White hat only and diversity anchor text.

5) Social Signals – Fastest growing area of the algorithm. Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

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How does Google choose titles for search results?

SEO Your Web Page Titles

What criteria does Google use to change the title it shows in the SERPs depending on the query? Does schema influence that? Maybe headings (h1, h2..) have more weight?
Christian Oliveira, Madrid

Why Google search results doesn’t show the current meta title of webpage? Instead of meta title search results show H1 tag from HTML page?
kbroka, Nepal

Learn more about page titles in search results:

What criteria does Google use to change the title it shows in the search depending on the query? Also, why Google search results doesn’t show the current meta title of the web page?
However, Google does show the H1 tag from the HTML page in the title. Matt Cutts’ reply is that basically whenever we try to choose the title, or decide which title to show in a search result,
that Google is looking for a concise description of the page that’s also relevant to the query. So there’s a few criteria that Google will look at.

Number one, according to Matt Cutts, Google attempts to find something that’s relatively short. Number two, Google wants to have a good description of the page and, ideally, the site that the page is on. And number three, Google also wants to know that it’s relevant to the query somehow. So if your existing HTML title fits those criteria, then oftentimes the default will be to just use your title. So in an ideal world, it would accurately describe the page and the site. If this is difficult for you to work out, you should call on an SEO service company, like the SEO Vancouver WA service experts because you really should have an SEO expert do this for you.

It would be relevant to the query. And it would also be somewhat short. Now, if your current title, as best as we can tell, doesn’t match that, then a user who types in something and doesn’t see something related to their query, or doesn’t have a good idea about exactly what this page is going to be, is less likely to click on it. So in those kinds of cases, we might dig a little bit deeper. We might use content on your page. We might look at the links that point to your page and incorporate some text from those links.

We might even use the Open Directory Project to try to help figure out what a good title would be. But the thing to bear in mind is in each of these cases, we’re looking for the best title that
will help a user assess whether that’s what they’re looking for. So if you want to control the title that’s being shown, you can’t completely control it, but you can try to anticipate what’s a user going to type. And then make sure that your title reflects not only something about that query or the page that you’re on, but also includes sort of the site
that you’re on or tries to give some context, so the user knows what they’re going to get whenever they’re clicking on it.

15 Creepiest Websites On The Internet

From websites apparently preparing the evacuation of Earth to pages in which you can have strangers rate a picture of your own feces, we count 15 incredibly creepy sites found on the internet
Gaming Channel:

Website links:
15 •
14 •
13 •
12 •
11 •
10 •
9 •
8 •
7 •
6 •
5 •
4 •
3 •
2 •
1 •

Warning, text spoilers below!
Death Date,
Plane Crash Recordings,
Staggering Beauty,
Dong Ghost,
Divine Interventions,
Maze Game,,
Skyway Bridge Jumpers,
Time Cube,
Birth & Death,,
Death Row,

Legal notes
Background audio copyright Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

What are some examples of SEO misinformation?

Name 5 examples of SEO misinformation from the past year given by reputable persons that made you want to bang your head against the wall. (You don’t need to name names.) Tom S., Seattle, WA

Russian subtitles translated by Mike Shakin.

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Best Search Engine?

This video reviews the two most popular search engines, Google and Yahoo as well as the two newest search engines, Bing and Wolfram Alpha. Which one is your favorite? For all the links and tips used in this video, please visit the URL below:

How To Build A Website with WordPress 2014

Build A Website with WordPress 2014
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This video will show you how to build a website with WordPress in 2014, step by step without missing any steps! You don’t need to know any html coding or need to have any previous web design experience to build an AMAZING website using WordPress. If you were to have a web designer build this website for you, you would be looking at paying around 00 for it! If you build your website using this tutorial it will cost you around to get started! So if you are ready to build WordPress, let’s build it together!

If you have any questions about building websites using WordPress, just send me a message over at and I will try my best to help you.

Steps Outlined in this Tutorial Video –

1. Setting Up Hosting.
2. Setting Up A Domain Name.
3. Installing WordPress on your new hosting account.
4. Logging into WordPress and changing your Password.
5. Changing your WordPress theme. (Customizr Theme).
6. Adding A Page with Text and an Image.
7. Adding A Page with a Video (embedded from YouTube).
8. Adding A Page with a Contact Form on it so visitors can send you a message
(which will be sent as an email).
9. Changing the Home Page (including CTA buttons, or “Call To Action” buttons).
10. Adding your own Logo and Tagline.
11. Changing all of the necessary settings so your website runs smoothly.

Thank-You very much for watching our video, we hope you enjoyed it and more importantly we hope that it taught you how to build a website with WordPress!

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