SEO Strategy Using Meta Tags

SEO Strategy Using Meta Tags

Why You Should Include Meta Tags In Your SEO

What Are Meta Tags?

This is a special HTML tag that is used to store information about a Web page but is not displayed in a Web browser. For example, meta tags provide information such as what program was used to create the page, a description of the page, and keywords that are relevant to the page. Many search engines use the information stored in meta tags when they index Web pages.

The Most Important NON Meta For SEO Is The Title Tag

Although the title tag appears in the head block of the page, it isn’t actually a meta tag. What’s the difference? The title tag is a required page “element” according to the W3C. Meta tags are optional page descriptors.

The Title Tag looks like this <title>Not a Meta Tag, but required anyway </title>

The Description Meta Tag

<meta name=”description” content=”Kool Description Here”>

  • The description meta tag informs the search engine about the content of your web page: Write a quality description so the search engines will know exactly what the web page is all about. This is particularly true for Google. When Google’s algorithm cannot decipher or finds a poorly written description meta tag, it will replace the description tag with text content from the web page. Obviously, it is much better to write a very high quality meta description tag that Google understands.
  • A good description improves clicks to to your website: Not only does a great description prevent Google from rewriting the content, it also encourages prospective site visitors to click on the link displayed by the search engine result page (SERP). A top quality description meta tag is really a piece of marketing copy and will lead to a click through onto your website. Remember, a description meta tag is actually what shows up on the search engine result page (along with the page title). So, it truly is like a window to the website itself. Statistics show that websites with poor description meta tags do now rank as well in the search engines as sites with good description meta tags.
  • Yes, the description meta tag helps with site rankings and SEO: Some years ago Google denied that the description meta tag helped with search engine rankings. In the past few years, research and Google leaks have confirmed that the description meta tag is used in Google rankings. It is not a major factor in rankings, however, it is certainly an element of SEO and rankings that can be controlled and with good SEO strategy, used to elevate a website’s rankings. Not sure how to put together a really good description meta tag for your SEO campaign. This Vancouver WA SEO company has top SEO experts and they can get top Google rankings for you.
    • Two more key points on the meta description tags:

      Empty Descriptions: A description tag can be empty and when it is, Bind and Google will actually fill it in. This can be disastrous, humorous, or occasionally, it works out just fine.

      Quotes: Avoid quotation marks, double quotes, (“”) in the description meta tag because this will cut off the description. Single quotes are usable, however.

      The Keywords Meta Tag

      Several years ago, the “keywords” meta tag was an absolutely crucial factor for every search engine. Now, only one of the major search engines looks at keywords at all. Bing does spider fot the keywords meta tag, however, only as an adjunct to locate spam. Best advice on the keywords meta tag: eliminate it entirely from every web page.

      Other Meta Tags

      There are many other meta tags, but none are really considered useful nowadays. Many of the tags that we used did things like:

      Told the spider when to come back

      <meta name=”revisit-after” content=”30 days”>

      Told the browser the distribution

      < meta name=”distribution” content=”web”>

      Told the page to refresh

      <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”30″>

      Told the page to redirect/refresh

      <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”x_seconds; url=”>

      These are no longer used because there are improvements in how to this can be delivered, such as schema tagging or server side deliver, or because search engines that were using them no longer exist, or because Google search engine has stated that these techniques are inappropriate. Meta tag redirects at page level are considered particularly bad.

      NOTE: It is now important to use schema tags and Rich Data Snippets rather than redirects.

      The Robots Meta Tag

      The robots tag continues to be an important meta tag because it tells search engines what NOT to spider and what NOT to index. This is very important when your site is in the development stages, so you can keep the search engines from spidering your incomplete website. It also keeps the search engine spiders from indexing trivial pages that wouldn’t help your site rankings. However, be careful. Do not use the NOINDEX tag to accidentally deindex your entire site.

      The Robots Meta Tag has four very important uses . . .


      Which means: “Do not Index this page and do not follow the links on the page.” The web page will not be included in the search index or will fall out of the search index and links on the page will not be followed. Also, the links on the page that lead to other pages will be broken. This tag is frequently used during website development. If you use it during initial stages of website development, be sure to remove it when the site goes live.


      The meaning of this tage is: “Do Index this page BUT DO NOT follow the links on the page.” Your page WILL be in the index HOWEVER all links from this page to other pages will not be followed, so the spider will leave this page and return to the originating page.


      The meaning here is: “Do not Index this page. Do follow the links on the page.” This web page will not be included in the search engine index HOWEVER ALL the links FROM the page will be followed by the spider and the link path will NOT be broken from this page to other pages.


      Here, the meaning is: “Do Index this page. Do follow the links on the page.” The page WILL be in the index AND ALL links to other pages will be followed by the search engine spider. The link path from the page will remain intact.

      NOTE: Search engines are not bound to follow the Robots Tag. Some unethical search engine spiders DO ignore the Robots Tag.

      The Charset Tag

      Every website must validate Charset. In the United States, the valid charset now is the UTF-8 tag. Place this on every web page if your site uses HTML delivering English characters.

Search Engine Visitor Shares Report

Share of Visits For Search Engines

Which Search Engines Are Getting More Traffic?

Organic search engine traffic monthly percentages

This article discusses the shares of visits which are indicated by the % of traffic (overall) as social referral traffic along with the direct traffic from clicks – organic traffic, PPC (paid) traffic, that sites get from all sources.

Review Of The Organic Traffic From Search For May 2014

This study reviews the five popular search engines in the U.S. (Bing, Yahoo, Google,AOL and and takes a look at the amount of search traffic they are sending. The hard facts are about as expected, but there are some interesting points.

  • One third of all websites’ visits are from traffic directly from search
  • Google comprises 31+% share of traffic, making it the number one shareholder
  • Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and each had less that 1% of the traffic visits that websites received in the month of May
  • Google outstrips Bing, Yahoo,, and AOL – combined, by seventeen times (17X) for the number of visitors sent to websites
    • Organic search engine traffic from top five US search engines

      Trends In Organic Search For May 2014

      However, Google has shown a decrease in its share of visitors of the past several months. Also, search engines in general have shown a decreased percentage in the amount of overall traffic in the month of May, compared to six months previously, in the month of December. Note: Information and statistics compliments of Shareaholic.

      The chart below shows the trend for search engines excluding Google . . .

      Organic search engine traffic for US excluding Google

      Organic Search Traffic Trends continued May 2014

      Social media has made big strides in significance in search with the primary search engines have decreased in value during the six month period. These Top Five search search engine lost seventeen percent share of the search, decreasing to 32% since December 2013.

      It’s obvious that Internet marketing is more diverse than a few years ago. Much of this has to do with the extreme nature of the Google penalties handed out the last few years. Many companies simply do not want to risk the problems in dealing with Google. Social media also has advantages of “newness” and fresh audience.

      Post-Click Engage Via Search Engines

      Because search engine optimization continues to be a major player in traffic creation for websites, the question is . . . what is a click from a search engine really worth? Is it worth the trouble of acquisition?

      By using three metrics: pages per visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate, it is possible to get an idea of search engine audience engagement.

      Post click engagement

      The information above shows average values for the last six months for respective categories.

      Two Primary Conclusions . . .

      Bing,, and Yahoo! had few site visits, but result in the most visitor engagement., Bing, and Yahoo! have almost no traffic but the traffic they receive tend to remain on the websites longer, look at more web pages during the a site visit, and are more likely to view more than one page.

      AOL and Google receive the lowest quality of website visits. Google receives the most site volume of traffic, but has some of the least engaged website visitors. Google site visitors have a 61.26% bounce rate. Google site visitors also view the fewest pages during a visit, looking at only 2.34 pages per visit. AOL has very poor statistics; it has the fewest site visitors, with the site visitors spending slightly over two minutes per session (129.07 seconds). Webmasters and SEO service providers do not optimize for AOL since it offers no benefits.

Google Search Engine Strategy

Google Search Engine

Strategy Planning

Since search engines first started, everybody wants the prize positioning of a Number 1 Search Engine ranking. More importantly, with Google being the number one online search engine today, every web site wants an excellent on Google. This is due to the fact that each site wants to optimize its Google online search engine positioning (ranking) in order to more or less make certain that it appears on the top 3 listing (aka rankings) of search engine result pages (SERPs) for every online search engine search. These top positions require an SEO strategy and understanding of search engines.

Here’s a good idea – before you start consulting with a professional in SEO, it is very important for you to understand some basics about Google as well as Google Web designer Guidelines. The Googlebot(also called a robot, crawler or spider) is the computer program that actually searches the Internet for newly started web sites plus web site that have changed so they can included in the Google index. It makes use of an algorithmic procedure or computer system programs which determine which websites they are to creep, and also just how frequently, and the number of web pages. This begins as they start with a listing of Website address from crawl processes. These are augmented with Sitemap information offered by webmasters. Any kind of adjustment in the websites is now updated in the Google. The Googlebot then collects all words that it views on the web pages in this enormously large index. The Googlebot also harvest the Title tags and also ALT attributes, plus other HTML information. Some web pages are not accurately scanned by the Googlebot, so there may be rich media files or dynamic web pages that are excluded.

When reviewing websites, there are three things that Google, and other search engines, like Bing, and a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Yahoo! search engine are looking for when they locate, then index, and finally rank websites. These are website architecture (aka design), content on the web pages, and adherence to the technological guidelines that Google interprets as high quality standards. For style and material, a website needs to have a clear hierarchy and message hyperlinks. It has to also have a site map that routes individuals to relevant components of the website. The links on a web page should to also be kept at a number that the Googlebot can actually collect, this is typically set at 100. And the page needs to be full of meaningful well written content. Technical standard include a lot of fairly industry standard features, such as browsability by text browsers, such as Lynx. It should additionally permit search bots to scan freely in the website, without using login credentials. It’s also a good idea to utilize a website web server, for hosting your web site, that supports If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This informs Google if the content of your site underwent any changes since the previous Googlebot site visit.

The top quality guidelines are also concerned about unethical and manipulative habits like deceiving users by registering misspelling of prominent sites. So, Internet web site designers need to bear in mind what their site viewers are looking for and what they will see prior to making any efforts to search engine optimize their rankings in the various search engines. Google search rankings are not a simple matter. Before you start an web site optimization campaign make sure you, or your search engine optimization professional are up to date on the fundamentals of Google and the Google Webmaster Standard.

Make certain you analyze your website to make certain it meets all the Google requirements. Also, you may find that your web site does not perform up to the rigorous Google standards, so you may need to seek out an SEO expert. If your are looking for a top Google SEO expert, check out

SEO Companies

SEO Services Are Important, So Find The One Best For You

Pricing Is Not The Only Consideration!

Knowing that search engine optimization is absolutely the most vital component of an online marketing campaign, SEO pricing should be considered in different ways compared to other IT operations. Search engine optimization is a value based task which has to be very closely vetted in order to be entirely efficient.

The leading SEO business are normally not the cheapest. Nevertheless, there is are standard industry rates that the market as a whole is utilized to. As a company owner, it is your responsibility to take command of the vetting procedure so that you get every one of the services that you require for the cost that you desire.

Many SEO firms will not market their rates directly on their internet site. You will certainly need to call them separately in order to get a real perspective on value that they provide. However, in order to conserve your time, you need to limit the list of candidates by the complying with criteria.

Initially, you must research companies by the services that they provide. SEO companies are responsible for a wide range of obligations today. These obligations are a lot more extensive than they were five years ago. Your search engine optimization business needs to provide hyperlink building and keyword phrase search solutions. They need to also have proprietary evaluation available.

After you have actually located the firms like SEO services in Vancouver, or your city, that provide the best quality services, you can further shorten the firms that you decide on by their customer service. Call in advance with a question that you do not know regarding search engine optimization. As a matter of fact, call ahead with several inquiries. You should note if the customer support services appears to be in the very same organization as the services promoted on the web site. If an SEO company is not impressive throughout the sales procedure, they will are less impressive when you come to be a customer.

Check out the video about Search Engines

Once you have shortened the number of companies on your list, you can start asking about price. When you have correctly investigated the services of each search optimization business, you can make sure to compare apples to apples when the costs on the table. Keep in mind always that your marketing is your obligation.

Remember search engines are constantly evolving. You can go to this link to find out about the history of search engines and find out for yourself how much search engines change. The rules change so your SEO company needs to be flexible and change your Internet marketing as necessary.

Local SEO For Your Site

SEO Your Website For Local Search

Top Rankings Bring More Site Visitors

There is a brand-new buzz about local SEO doing the Internet rounds and it is barely surprising when you think about the number of businesses that have sites that merely exist and do not provide any real revenue for the business.

The Internet has galloped onward at a pace that is much faster than anyone anticipated during the past five years. Now, more people utilize the Internet to hunt for local and regional products, as well as services, compared to make use of the standard Yellow Pages. Of course this space in between making use of a telephone directory or a search engine like Google is widening every day.Today, company owner of huge or little companies can no more delight in with have their internet site URL on stationery, business cards or the side of a vehicle. Today your Internet site must do for you what the Telephone directory used to do plus a great deal more. In short – it is time for your website to begin generating cash for you. It is a business simple fact of life that nothing remains the precisely the same. Today you may have one customer who is responsible for 50%, or much more, of your business. Have you asked yourself this serious question – exactly what will you do if this customer closes down tomorrow? Did you know the most common thread for businesses closing after the very first two years of business operations is that they lost one major client.

Another simple fact to be familiar with is that by using your site effectively you can cut your business marketing budge in half while you double your brand-new customer inquiries. So exactly what is this super efficiency advertising that we should all be checking out? In the case of many businesses you currently have the device yet it is merely sitting there not doing anything: Your website. Some businesses have made use of participating marketing (directories or Yellow Pages) in the hope of making their website help them. By participating marketing we mean that someone builds a web site called local-plumber dot com and also have actually advertised the website onto the initial page of neighborhood search engines. They then go around all the plumbers in the location as well as offer advertising and marketing room on that particular site. You should ask yourself how much return am I obtaining from that ad?

In many cases your online advertising is not yielding numerous brand-new customers to your the plumbing system business due to the fact that on that web site you are simply one of several competing plumbers. Just think about the outcome if you could place your very own web site on web page one of Google, Yahoo, or Bing! Everybody that clicks that hyperlink in the online search engine is interested in your business, obviously because there are no rivals on the same site.

More Google Search Engine information in this video

The expense of doing this is approximately the same as directories or Yellow Pages.In the existing market every business has to keep their consumer base constantly refilled. Using online marketing for your own website is called SEO. Get local SEO project going now, so your site ranks well with search engines locally. Doing this will help your website rank high for terms like Restaurants in Salem MA, local SEO in Vancouver, nail services Atlanta GA, and marketing to be aimed at the current search trends. Search engine optimization in your neighborhood market (called local search engine optimization )is the way to go today. Gone are the days when

you could utilize a name like Aaardvaak and acquire an unfair marketing perk based upon alphabetical list, like you could in the Yellow Pages. Today your site must be viewed as an authority site in the eyes of the search engines. Getting to the top of the search engine rankings will require a marketing professional who specializes in SEO. The path is clear, dump the directories and Yellow Page type business listings and boost your business website to the top of search rankings.